Wednesday, November 15, 2006
exams have kinda ended!!!!!! (okay, chem mcq doesn't count, does it?)

errr they were okay. except for maybe econs and phy paper 3. was really upset abt paper 3 but econs wadever let's just say it has never been my strong sub. SHIT, i think i may miss studying. cos yesterday i did nth but to slack. CANT HELP BUT FEEL THAT LIFE IS MEANINGLESS NOW. oops. ok that was just to spite the bio pple. HAHA sorry, cant help it.

WELL. the point of this entry is not to spite anyone, but er saying that i am leaving. not closing down this blog but moving to livejournal. and it is friends only. have been using this blog for quite some time, it does have some sentimental value i guess. but yahh! this is goodbye!!!!

peibei 8:16 PM

Friday, November 03, 2006
Life may be a rough road to walk on alone when everything seems wrong. But with friends it is never lonely, just walk on for when you think you are alone, look back and you will find me following right behind.

p.s: i am not a stalker. but it goes out to all of you. :)
peibei 9:09 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2006

p.s this will def appear on techorati! :)
peibei 10:38 AM

Thursday, October 26, 2006
peibei 6:18 AM

halo people. i am moving soon. both physically and bloggly. er is there such a word wadeverrr. moving straight after a levels, to be exact freaking 18th. :) heee the day after. WOOHOO. do u know i have the combi that ends the earliest? HAHAHA. housewarmingg yup yup def. well, blog wise, i am most prob moving to lj. haven decided if i want to put it friends only. see how. actually i added s_**** :) so happy. ok fine with the help of kory. happy? :)

recently a spate of events had made me reconsidered the meaning of friends to me. hmm i mean i treat everyone i consider as a friend nicely, like no pretensions wadever shit. genuinely caring for their well beings. thinking people will treat you the way you treat them. what a naive way of thinkingg. as a friend, i can def say i dont think i have ever lied to you. yes obviously i lie. i lie to my parents. hee. what an irony. naive me used to think that friends are everythingg, more important than family. well. some important friends still lay close to my heart, but some. i think i have to reconsider what our relationship is really all about. sorry for the serious tone here. i have been thinkingg maybe friendship is not all that simple after all. perhaps not an easy "hey i care for you, look you are my friend, if you need anything, feel free to ask, if i can do it, i will", but there is more to it. betrayal really sucks. friends what are they? i am starting to get really confused over the idea of it all.

but on a brighter note, i know there are some people i can really count on. well, i guess i am becoming more matured? am i? but for the others, maybe for now i am going to sit aside and try not to get too closee to.

i am afraid of few things. one of them is betrayal by a friend.
i hope you know how much it means to me.

well, on the brightest note, i play bball today, with pple i love. MY JUNIORS AND JIAOLIAN. i think i will def miss this whacky bunch. haven run for a really long time. i was panting like crazy right after two balls. hmm it is so happy to see my juniors improving, esp clara. haha. the bball training sessions will def be one of the highlights of my rjc journey. hmm. ben cai who is a noob and turtle? hee. PLAN GRAB THE BOOK. activated now. :)
ok bye. perhaps a few more entries here and i will be off in search of greener pastures, and def more privacy. HEEE.

peibei 5:58 AM

Monday, October 23, 2006
sigh this feeling sucks.
i don't even know why i am so affected.

someone enlighten me.
peibei 7:13 AM

Thursday, October 19, 2006
i feel so horrible now.
the whirlwind of events.

as i was hoping and hoping perhaps there will be a miracle somehow, that perhaps since they took my grandfather away, since they took her away in sec sch, there is a chance they will leave her alone this time. i mean it is not often that people my age have to deal with this number of deaths. and i admire your courage yes i do while i can only go aroundd acting like the clown to try to cheer u up. i din know what to do. i am sorry this is all i can do.

be strong for her. BE strong.
i am really tired. really tired.

Though i din exactly know her very well, she has always been very kind to me. i guess that means i should treasure my grandmother more now.

while everyone claims, death is only temporary separation. but trust me, i've been thru that, at this point of time, esp this period, i will do anything to be able to converse with the person again.

God bless.

and last night, i said a prayer for you.
peibei 1:14 PM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
shit i cant stop slacking, cant stop getting distracted.. arghhh!!
ultimately i just want to get my ass off this country. do sth myself

dont make me lose faith right now. esp not now.

i was thinkingg. i never thought of myself as smart. as in chor seng smart or bryon smart, or ser smart kind. but i guess in sec sch i can be considered okay. NOW, i think i just became stupider in a span of two years. ARGHHHH. how did that happen?'
not using the brain for two yearssssss??? ARGHHHH
i was telling chors, maybe the peibei you knew before is going to disappear soon into a bout of depression!
sigh a levels suckk!
15 more days.
and i have no guts right now at the moment to say "bring it on"
guess how prepared i am.

this random outburst just made me feel a whole lot better. :)
peibei 3:30 PM

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